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A trip to the Desert and the ultimate polo pony honor!!

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A trip to the Desert and the ultimate polo pony honor



There is nothing as fun as a polo travel weekend



In the Dessert
Earlier this month, the crew at OC Polo loaded the horse trailers...bridles and saddles, mallets and gear bags, and enough horses to mount a dozen plus club members...and off they went to the Desert.
The first part of the week, OC Polo had a team in the A -flight of the Ladies Debbi Dollar tournament at the Empire Polo Club. Followed by a custom weekend of polo organized in partnership with Kyle and Megan of the Eldorado Polo & Riding Academy for OC Polo students, members and youth players. The camaraderie and exposure that comes from a weekend of polo on the road is well worth all the effort. Players meet new people, learn new techniques, ride new horses and often make a weekend of it for the whole family.The weekend was full of polo with the kids taking a private polo lesson from Megan and her crew in the mornings. And in the afternoon, everyone met at the practice field to find their mounts and meet their team members. After a lot of cheering on and off the field, everyone came together to talk story and tailgate while the sun set over the La Quinta mountains. CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS!
The Debbi Dollar Ladies Tournament at Empire Polo
A Flight Team: Kaile Roos, Sierra Dunbar, Jennifer Alexy and Shelley Geiler
at The Ranch
Retirement Celebration for Orca and Maya
Most polo players will tell you they love this sport because of the horses. They are true athletes and have such passion for playing the game. The career of a polo pony begins at an early age, typically around 3-4 years old. As they age, many horses will slowly retire down to teaching new players. If you are lucky enough to meet one of these great "teachers", you quickly see the long term impact they have on the sport. In most cases these horses will teach dozens of new players. Maya and Orca both spent nearly 20 years leaving their mark on polo....click here to read more about their story.
Special mention to our favorite polo student and Culver Military Academy student, Larry Li, who rode in the traditional Black Horse Troop for the Presidential Inauguration. Way to go Larry!
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