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Cocktails and Fondue! Hublot Polo Gold Cup 2012 in Gstaad

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August 2012

On the occasion of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup 2012

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Three existential symbols: the horse, man’s finest conquest; the ball, man’s first natural toy; and a game, children’s favorite pastime. Few sports combine as many essential symbols of our

A steadfast supporter of the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup for five years now, Hublot is happy to be once again associated with this magnificent tournament to be held from August 16 to 19 in a
stunning setting in the heart of our Swiss Alps.

Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman de Hublot commented: “Hublot is proud and delighted to be associated with the beauty of the horses, the amazing horsemanship, the pleasure and the
emotion of the game. A game and a sport which enthralls us by its excellence and the outstanding quality of the participants every year in Gstaad thanks to Pierre Genecand.”

On Friday August 17 2012, following the parade of the players and their horses in the centre of the village of Gstaad, Hublot will organize a cocktail and fondue in front of the new boutique for
customers, journalists and visitors.

Official opening of the Hublot boutique in Gstaad After opening some forty boutiques in just four years in such places as Place Vendôme,
Beverly Hills, Madison Avenue, Ginza, Cannes, Moscow, Shanghai and Beijing, Hublot continues its fantastic expansion to the most prestigious addresses in the world by opening a
boutique in Gstaad. It has opened its doors in a prime location in the middle of the village’s main pedestrian shopping street, with an old friend: its Genevan partner Benoit de Gorski.

This new boutique will allow Hublot to receive its customers in an elegant dedicated space in a mountain setting while keeping abreast of the latest technologies. A magnificent traditional
Bernois ceiling made by local craftsmen covers over 340 square feet of space, with a black granite floor, and leather, wood and glass. In short, this boutique is where the simplicity and
nobility of natural materials meets cutting-edge technology, with the showcases and a giant multimedia HD screen giving live coverage of Hublot’s latest international news, and
embodying the brand’s concept of fusion.


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